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DECOR | Copper accents

If you’ve visited my Pinterest boards recently, you’ll notice that I’ve developed a fetish for Copper! I’ve always loved gold and hadn’t really considered other accent colours/materials, but once I saw the beauty and simplicity of copper through images across Pinterest and Tumblr, I instantly fell in love.

Often seen incorporated within Scandinavian interior designs, copper adds a certain kind of depth to a room. There’s something raw and untouched about copper that I just love! Although it’s quite an “industrial” material, it can look so chic when purchasing a few accessories and fixtures. 

Whether it be pots and pans or a Kitchen Aid mixer, I am crazy about copper right now and I can’t wait to purchase a few items for my room. I’ve actually found a few pieces online at H&M from as little as a tenner! (that’s £10 FYI.. lol) 


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would you ever my a knock off from myluxurytaste like shewearsfashiondid?

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Personally, I would never purchase a knockoff. I think it’s because I admire the designer and the work they put into the item, too much to do so but I can see the appeal for other people.

However, I am totally for high street versions of designer items because it’s the most economical way of experimenting with a trend, that probably won’t be in style no longer than a month. For example, these Alexander Wang style boots courtesy of Forever 21

But when it comes to staple wardrobe pieces such as a Chanel bag or a Burberry trench; it has to be the real deal